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The golden land of Angkor and Bagan, of Bangkok and Vientiane. For centuries, Southeast Asian names alone have induced an irresistible romance amongst the susceptible: Saigon, Mandalay, Phnom Penh, Rangoon, the mighty meandering Mekong. Khiri Travel's co-founder, Willem Niemeijer, was drawn to the region nearly two decades ago by the same seductive force.

The respect felt for Southeast Asia is apparent in Khiri's commitment to responsible tourism in every country in which we operate. Khiri offers tailored, off-the-beaten-track tours full of privileged encounters with peoples and places. With offices on the ground in all of our destinations, we foster long-term relationships in every country.

Khiri Travel was founded in 1994 with a view of the Mekong region as 'multiple countries, one destination'. The growing Khiri Travel Group now has offices in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos as well as a dedicated charity organization to help disadvantaged people through community development, conservation, environment and empowerment projects.
Khiri prides itself in authentic connections, adaptability, and innovation and offers intimate, personalized travel experiences within Southeast Asia’s booming tourism sector. Khiri believes in fostering a local presence with a global mindset, and tailoring each tour to not only delight the foreign traveller, but to help local people make a sustainable living—and protect and take pride in the place they call ‘home’. Khiri’s vision of “Sharing our Passion for Discovery” encompasses the company’s collective inspiration, outlook, and culture.

Khiri caters to any desire at any budget, from Family Travel and Regional Highlights to Community-based Tourism and Discovery Excursions (and everything in between). Every tour is customized and individualized, so it’s not just a trip – it’s an unforgettable experience.

The Khiri Mission & Values

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Courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. Mr Ratanak's special knowledge of language and sites made our trip unique. He is very good at photography and always knew how to make a special shot of a location. Amazing intro to Cambodia-we saw a lot and learned a lot-everyone tried hard to make sure we were happy.

The Sheriff Family