Khiri Reach

What we do

We leverage our business network throughout the Greater Mekong Region to link donors and volunteers with NGO's and community service projects.

  • we get involved in local communities
  • we coordinate with local NGO and projects
  • we cover overhead
  • we identify bona fide projects that need funding
  • we advise donors and volunteers

100% of donations go to beneficiary projects. Khiri covers all overhead.

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We found Chiang Mai to be our favourite city as it was the most enriching. The people, the food, the culture and OUR GUIDE. Our guide Chan was INCREDIBLE. We wished he could have accompanied us the entire way! He was truly knowledgeable about his culture and where he took us, was extremely kind and his English was incredible. We would absolutely go back to Chiang Mai! Phi Phi Don was beautiful any way you slice it.

Lucy and Chris, USA