Khiri Reach

What we do

We leverage our business network throughout the Greater Mekong Region to link donors and volunteers with NGO's and community service projects.

  • we get involved in local communities
  • we coordinate with local NGO and projects
  • we cover overhead
  • we identify bona fide projects that need funding
  • we advise donors and volunteers

100% of donations go to beneficiary projects. Khiri covers all overhead.

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We've talked about our trip so much since we've returned; it was a wonderful journey and still seems so fresh and alive in our thoughts. I imagine that Diana mentioned our recent slide show of Vietnam. We had a great time putting it together-slides, food, and appropriate costumes. Chuan wore his 'I look like my Grandfather' outfit that he had made for himself in Hoi An. I wore pants made by (and typical of) the Black H'mong and a standard Mandarin blouse from Ben Thanh market. Being joined by good friends made for a delightful evening.

Essie and Chuan, USA