Tuk-tuks and rickshaws and rocket boats, oh my!

For a laid-back country, Thailand has a lot of novel forms of transportation. Khiri tours makes getting there part of the adventure and a great way to get in touch with locals. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai, our tours incorporate fun and exhilarating public transport into every trip. Enjoy a breezy tuk-tuk ride, rocket boats down canals or rivers, rickshaws, and scenic train rides.

Thee Lor Su Waterfall in Umpang

Of Thailand’s 101 national parks, only a handful are visited by foreign tourist. Khiri takes you far off the beaten path to explore breathtaking vistas in Thailand’s less-frequented parks, including the highest waterfall in Thailand, Thee Lor Su. Located in Umpang, this gorgeous limestone waterfall was allegedly discovered by a local hunter and is now part of a wildlife conservation area.

‘One Night in Bangkok’ Night Cycling

Like an elegant vampire, Bangkok lives by night. Whether you only have one night to spend or a magnanimous week, Khiri shows you a side of Bangkok few non-residents will ever see. Explore Bangkok by bicycle when the streets are cool and drained of their tourists, and the city—awash in halogen, neon, and golden softly spot-lit temples—is at its most luminous.

Homestay in Thailand’s rustic northeast

One of Khiri’s passions is supporting community-based tourism projects that immerse travellers in authentic Thai culture. Learn Thai regional cooking, handicrafts, and time-honoured customs with an enthusiastic local family as your hosts. With Khiri, you can enjoy one homestay or many. We work closely with local families in multiple destinations and will help you find your perfect match!



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