Discover hidden Hanoi by bicycle

Khiri’s bicycle tour will take through Hanoi’s warren of narrow, twisting alleyways, where you will experience both the peaceful riverside and the bustling city markets. Peddle through Hanoi’s thousand-year-old streets and smell incense burning in ancient temples juxtaposed with modern architecture. Every street in Hanoi has a story to tell. Become part of the vibrant, quickly changing urban landscape as you explore the Old Quarter, Ngoc Son Temple, and Hoan Kiem Lake by bicycle.

Hue’s Phu Mong Garden House

Wander through the shade-filled ancient garden houses of Phu Mong village. The romantic and peaceful garden houses, each within its own private landscape, typically have two main areas: the wood structure and the surrounding garden, both designed according to geomancy and the owner’s spiritual belief and talents. About 200 years ago, Phu Mong was home to a senior royal officer of the Nguyen Dynasty. Due to the high rank of the early owners, the houses were built to withstand the monsoons, typhoons, and squalls that often devastated Hue City. Phu Mong today includes more than ten garden houses built from 150 to 200 years ago. This tour will take you to several of these serene locations.

Cooking class in Hoi An

Combine a UNESCO World Heritage town with one of the world’s most delicious cuisines and you have a delectable ambrosia indeed! First you will explore a local market and take a boat along the river to Tra Que herb village. Explore the organic vegetable and herb gardens and drop in on a local home to enjoy a special herbal drink. When you have collected all the fresh ingredients you need, spend the rest of the day beside an expert Vietnamese chef at the Secret Garden restaurant, learning the art of Vietnamese cooking. Each participant will be awarded a cooking certificate at the end of the course, signed and stamped by the manager of the Secret Garden.

Ho Chi Minh City canals tour

The sprawling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, still called Saigon by locals, can be a tough nut to crack if you don’t have the best indigenous knowledge of where to go. Khiri’s Ho Chi Minh canals tour allows you to experience the many facets of Saigon only accessible by water. We have researched our unique tour extensively, and bring visitors through isolated canals, local neighbourhoods, and some of Saigon’s most rapidly developing areas—all in under two hours. Our tour begins at 4:00pm and ends at 6:00pm to allow for plentiful daylight for sightseeing, as well as catching a pristine sunset over the city’s skyline at the tour’s end.



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